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Debt Purchasing

The term Debt Purchasing is usually reserved for the sale of delinquent receivables where normal collection efforts may no longer be a cost effective option.

Debt Purchasing has two major benefits:

  • Delinquent receivables with a low collection potential are removed from the balance sheet
  • Rather than writing off a total loss, a salvage value can be received through the sale of the delinquent receivables

For certain companies that have experienced a large set of accounts receivables that remain uncollected, debt purchasing can be a very quick way to clean up the financial statements. We consider all debt portfolios for purchase and evaluate each on its merits.


Contingency Collection Program

Based on a percentage of recovered funds, this program is the most economical solution for debt recovery. With no upfront fees and customized programs, your recovery and financial growth is greatly increased. Once an account is placed in our system, a collection specialist assumes the responsibility of contacting the account to secure payment. Using the latest technology and innovative techniques, we have set a new standard for recovery. Our programs include a variety of tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts placed.

Average fees range from 15% to 50% and are usually based on four factors:

  • Age of accounts
  • Type of accounts
  • Quantity of accounts placed
  • Average dollar amount of accounts placed

The Advantages of our Contingency Collection Program:

  • Cost effective solutions and guaranteed results, we don't get paid unless you do!
  • No upfront fees or additional costs to get started.
  • No upfront fees or additional costs to get started.
  • Location of debtor's phone numbers and skip-tracing address are included at cost to you.
  • No minimum on dollar amount or quantity of accounts placed with our agency.
  • Our collection techniques are customized based on your unique collections requirements and needs.
  • A variety of collections reports are available to you to help you keep track our progress.
  • Placements are accepted in any format and quantity on our website or via email. You can also place your accounts on paper. We will customize a placement form to fit your business profile.
  • Sliding scale contingency fees ensures that all of the accounts you place are worked regardless of the age or the dollar amount of the past due account.
  • A collections specialist will assist you in establishing a successful collections program.
  • A time tested professional approach, using a model of persistent and flexible collections programs will be used to recover your debts.
  • Recovery rates that are the envy of the industry, some of our clients see a recovery rate as high as 100%.


Letter Campaign

Why Choose a Direct Mail Solution?

The Best Value in the Industry. No matter the age or the amount of the balance you are trying to collect, the entire fee is always less than $19.00 dollars, decreasing to less than six dollars. There is no set up fees or "hidden percentage" charged after collection.

A Recovery Rate That Is Over Twice the National Collection Agency Average. Aaron Recovery has a unique flat-rate system enables you to recover up to twice as much money as compared with contingency based services...because our fee is the same regardless of the balance of your claim, or how old the claim is. Aaron Recovery works each and every account you place equally even those smaller or older claims. The fixed-fee structure permits users to turn over accounts at a significantly earlier aging period which will substantially increases the response you get.

Direct Pay - Gross Remit To You. All recovered money is sent directly from the delinquent customer to you, not to your collection agency. Aaron Recovery does not touch the money that is remitted therefore this does not interfere with your cash flow. Ask us about this option.

Is It Easy To Use? Absolutely! You supply only the debtor's name, address and balances due, in lists and we take it from there.

Are Delinquents Reported To Credit Bureaus? If you wish, Aaron Recovery will report persistent debtors to select credit bureaus. The debtors will be given ample warning. There is no fee charged for this important service.

Aaron Recovery's Direct Mail Solution "The superior solution to accounts receivable management"

Our Direct Mail Solution is a two-step accounts receivable management program that is effective and economical.

In its first phase, YOU PAY NO COMMISSION and YOU KEEP 100% of the money recovered.

If necessary, the second phase provides intensive collection services with trained, professional collection specialist for the accounts that don't respond to phase one.

This program has been designed to help you:

  • Maintain control of your accounts receivable
  • Recover your past due accounts, consumer or commercial
  • Reduce your administrative costs
  • Increase your cash flow quickly with real results that can be measured
  • Deal with your problem accounts ethically, diplomatically and most importantly professionally
  • Encourage debtors to make regular payments
  • Keep the lines of communication open between you and your customer

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Advertising and Marketing Firms

Ambulance Services

Attorneys/Law Firms

Auto Dealers Parts

Stores and Suppliers

Banks and Credit Unions

Cellular Telephone Services

City County and State Governments

Child Care Facilities


Clothing Manufacturers

Colleges and Universities

Construction Companies & Specialty Trades

Commercial/Residential Landscaping Services

Commercial Real Estate

Convention Services


Fuel Oil Companies

Girl Scout Councils and YMCAs

Health and Fitness Clubs

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Hospitals Medical and

Dental Practices


Industrial Manufacturers & Distributors

Insurance Companies and Agents

Lawn Care


Mail Order Houses

Medical Laboratories

Multi Family Housing

Newspapers and Magazines

Optical Stores

Pest Control

Printing Shops

Private Schools

Professional Athletic Teams


Security Alarm Companies

Staffing & Employment Agencies

Trade Schools

Travel Agencies

TV Stations

Utility Companies


Video Stores

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